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Forever Living C9

2nd November 2014

Introducing Forever Living’s brand new weight management programme! Forever F.I.T…lose weight forever!!

Are you looking to kick-start your diet with a cleanse for a cleaner you?

The Clean 9 has revolutionised the health and wellbeing sector and I am proud to introduce to you Forever F.I.T. It is an advanced nutritional, cleansing and weight-management programme, designed to help you look and feel better in three easy-to-follow steps: C9, F.I.T. 1 and F.I.T. 2.

The all new C9 is the perfect kick-start to a new health regime, allowing you to see and feel results in just 9 days. Cleanse your body and put it on a path to a healthier you with all the products you need in one box to start instantly. Move onto the F.I.T 1 and F.I.T 2 to continue your goals and sustaining them healthily and help you build lean muscle!


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The company’s top seller, the pure stabilized Aloe Vera Gel given in the C9 is close to the natural plant juice as possible, containing over 200 different compounds. This rich source of nutrients provides the perfect supplement to a balanced diet. Drink to promote a healthy lifestyle and well-being.

For further info on the C9 and our brand new F.I.T programmes and prices, please get in touch, or to make a purchase simply click the F.I.T picture before.