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30th October 2017

Ann Smith.

In september 2011, i made a decision that I needed to lose weight. For me this goes hand in hand with exercise and a good eating plan so when I saw the advert for one to one personal training with absolute fitness personal training I arranged a free consultation session. We discussed what I wanted to achieve, initially weight loss was my first goal, now today its my fitness. So far I have lost over 50 pounds in weight, which I have achieved with johns help & advice, together with the right exercise and eating plan. There have been weeks when i haven’t lost weight but John has an encouraging word saying that I have lost inches & also toned my body & not to lose focus.

I started with a one hour session per week along side exercise away from the gym, now i am doing a further 2 x 1/2 hour sessions per week. Every session is interesting , different and hard work but fun. You get out what you put in. I look forward to going to the gym every week & miss it when I’m away.

I also started running in Oct 2011 & John encourages me with that, as I’m not a natural runner, he gives advice which helps me push myself to different goals.

I would recommend Absolute Fitness to anyone wanting to improve their health & fitness level & enjoy it at the same time.


Great job John & thank you

Kath Sharman.

Lacking in confidence to join a conventional gym, I approached Absolute Fitness Personal Training 12 months ago, and have not looked back since. Achieving a weight loss of 2 ½ stones, losing 18cm from around my waist, 13cm from around my hips and dropping in dress size from 16 to 12. I am about to compete in a 10k charity run, and before training with Absolute Fitness I would not even have considered this I highly recommend Absolute Fitness Personal Training to all.

Linda Clarkson.

I’ve always been a bit “gymophbic” – I’ve joined gyms before and then not lasted longer than a few months before finding excuses not to go. so when three friends suggested I join then at absolute fitness personal training I wasn’t totally enthusiastic. That was 10 months ago when I was a size 14, heading downhill towards size 16. Now I’m slimmer , fitter and healthier and a comfortable size 12. I’ve lost inches From around my waist, inches From my hips and 2 stones in weight. The gym has a really friendly atmosphere and not only do I look forward to my twice weekly gym session but I even joined the Gi-Jane training program. I would highly recommend Absolute Fitness Personal Training to anyone. Whatever fitness level. If you feel a bit apprehensive about starting. Give it a go, you might actually get hooked – i did!

Rebecca bottomley.

I’ve never been a gym lover and hate the thought of excerising, but after putting on 3 stone with my first child I had no option! I was recommended John by many of my clients so i thought I’d give it a whirl! My first impression was professional, fun and relaxed! There’s no worry of feeling fat or frumpy in front of other gym members and it’s more enjoyable in your own private gym! John always makes my sessions different and pushes me to the limit, I never get bored and I’ve been training with john 7 months! I’m only 3lbs off my target weight and feel healthier and more toned than ever! I now know more about health and fitness (and exactly how many calories I need to eat to survive and loose weight at the same time) I’ve learnt more at absolute fitness pt than I ever have done in all my gym memberships before! One on one personal training is definately the way foward and even more so when I take my 9 month old son along with me every week! Thanks John


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